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Why can't I log in? I get the message that I am not activated.
To log in you must have verified your e-mail address. Check your junk mail (spam box) if you have not received an activation e-mail, or send an e-mail to

I forgot my password, how do I reset it?
Members can reset their password by going to the login page on the "Reset password" button.

Why can't I log in if I was kicked in advance?
Chatters who have been kicked cannot log in for 15 minutes.

Why can't I log in? I get the message that I have been banned!
Chatters who do not adhere to the code of conduct can be banned for certain time or final. Chatters who have been banned will receive an email stating why and for how long this ban has been imposed.

If you think that you have been banned unjustly or accidentally, you can send an email. email to

Why is the chat unreachable?
There may be several reasons why the chat is unreachable. There may be maintenance work taking place or a malfunction.

Maintenance work is generally announced on our Facebook Page.

When it concerns a malfunction, it depends on whether the malfunction is caused by us, an intermediary, your internet provider or your own connection. Malfunctions with us or our suppliers are also reported on our Facebook Page.